Appearance counts! Dressing for an interview

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So, guess what? I, your’s truly has an interview to attend. Next Thursday – one week. Of course, looking my best is now on my mind and I’m in the middle of considering interview clothing.

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Yes, I still apply for jobs and attend interviews.

Job interviews are critical in the job search process but they can be tricky and I consistently work with clients who put no thought into any part of the job process—including their wardrobe.




Typically they wait until they get an interview and then make a last-minute make dash to their nearest clothing store to quickly figure something out. 🤦‍♀️

I made this mistake only once. I was young!


The interview came out of the blue from an application I had sent in months ago. It was for a banking role and I needed a suit.

I remember hauling ass to get to Myer before it closed after work….it was a Thursday night thankfully.

I loaded up my credit card with my latest purchase, that I couldn’t afford in the hopes it was going to pay off—it did, 😌

When it comes to interviews, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is your appearance.

Specifically, your clothing and shoes.

What you wear to an interview says a lot about you, how serious you are about the job and your level of professionalism.

The worst mistake you can make is showing up in the wrong type of outfit. Why?

Because your outfit has to match the employer and the type of role you are going for.


Selecting the right clothing…


A quick Google search on interview attire and you’ll come up with images like this:

How to dress for an interview

Lots of people in suits…

But that’s not always appropriate.

Your goal is to match the employer. Wear, what they wear.

Tony Robbins has a great saying…”People like people, who are like themselves“. So in other words, when someone sees themselves in you…… naturally start building rapport.

So what the heck should I be wearing?


Good question and I’m glad you asked. 

It all boils down to the position you are interviewing for and where you are interviewing.

When you know these details then a bit of research and common sense will guide on outfit choices. 

But to help start you in the right direction…


Here are some examples of interview clothing options:


Let’s say you are going for a warehousing role with a safety company – try long pants, a polo shirt and black leather shoes. What about a building and construction site or landscaping role? Well, cargo pants, polo/t-shirt and steel cap boots are generally ideal.

Why? Because many times in this industry you will be asked to complete a work trial on the spot. And YOU want to be dressed to ensure you can start immediately.

Construction and Warehousing Interview Outfit

I know, I can hear you saying….but I’m going for an office job.

Cool, there’s choice here too. Is it a standard office role or a corporate interview?

Well, the classic suit never fails within the corporate space, but a general office look can be a little more classic casual.

Lisa Mahar Office and Corporate Interview Outfit

As you can see there is a variety of ways to dress for an interview.

But it is important to mirror the employer and the role.

You also need to consider the weather outside.

A full suit and tie on a 40 Degree day isn’t right either. All that will happen is you will arrive sweating profusely and look uncomfortable.

So what are you wearing Lisa for your interview?


Well, this position is within government. It’s a corporate office environment and there will be HR and a Lawyer on the panel.

So on this occasion, I will wear a suit to ensure I fit in. However, suits are great in that if it gets too warm (it’s mid-winter now) or the interviewer isn’t wearing a jacket – you can take yours off to help mirror them. WIN-WIN!


Don’t forget your hair!


For those who have a suitable outfit already, you may also want to consider getting your hair done.

If it’s been a while since your last cut and colour then it’s time to get this sorted.

If you land an interview quickly, you won’t have time to get to the salon and make yourself look presentable.


Having a good outfit and appearance can also really lift your confidence and carry through to an interview. I know it does for me.
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