Every day, professionals like yourself are searching for their next role.

If updating or creating your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile is one of those tasks that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list… 

do. not. worry.

Here's You...

You’ve been busy working, keeping your boss happy and meeting your family commitments.

As an outstanding professional, that’s exactly where your head *should* be at. 
(If it wasn’t, you have permission to be worried.)
And now, you’re taking a look at your dated resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, wondering what you should do to present the best version of yourself.
But you can’t stomach the thought of spending hours updating any of them. 😩

Also You...

I just don’t have the time to figure out what to write.

Can’t someone just do it for me? But, make it personal to my brand?

Yes, someone most certainly can.


Meritude Writing services

This is designed just for you: the busy professional who’s ready to upgrade their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, but is completely OVER doing yourself, *one more* online course or Google – and just wants it written for them.

I’m Lisa Mahar and I’ve been writing and coaching since 2015, here at Meritude.

My work has consistently proven to generate interviews and accelerate job search efforts – without the need for graphically designed templates.

I’ve been featured in prominent publications, am linked with industry leading associations and am a certified supplier for Career Money Life.

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Professional Development
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… If you’re completely over the DIY option

this service was made for you.

It’s perfect for kickstarting your job search and for making your personal brand shine so employers are drawn to meet you.

Hand-delivered to your digital door step, pick the package that suits you…


Created just for you. A resume that includes everything you need to get attention and pass applicant tracking systems.

Inside this package you’ll get:

 A new resume that is keyword optimised and targeted to your profession

A personalised questionnaire that gathers your unique experience and greatness, while doubling as essential interview preparation

Structured and thorough process to confidently complete your project with ease

Feedback and analysis from me (Lisa) throughout your project to effectively strategise your job search

Exclusive access to my client hub with additional resources and tools to help you in your job search.

You’ll also get 30 minutes of phone time with me (Lisa!) to talk about the strategy for your resume and job search. 


A customised resume and cover letter designed to sell your personal brand to employers.

Inside this package you’ll get:

 Everything from Getting Started, plus:

A personalised cover letter, easily tailored for specific vacancies so you never have to write from scratch again.

A design that matches your resume.

An easy to follow video that helps you tailor your cover letter and mirror yourself closely to an advertised role.


Want to get noticed AND job search effectively? Want a truly consistent personal brand? Then this is for you!

Inside this package you’ll get:

Everything from Getting Started and Moving Forward, plus:

A branding based questionnaire designed to uncover your passions, insights and expertise.

Uniquely branded LinkedIn profile content that sells your story and amplifies your brand

A review of your skills & endorsements, plus recommendations of additional skills to add so you can be found by recruiters

At least 8 profile improvement ideas to elevate your professional status


YOUR OLD RESUME, COVer Letter and LinkedIN Profile

Let me handle the writing so you can kickstart your job search today!

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Have Questions?

Following your purchase, you’ll schedule in your preferred time for our 30-minute call. A customised questionnaire will be created and sent to you for completion.

Your resume and cover letter will be delivered within 7 business days following the return of your your questionnaire.

Once the revisions for your resume and cover letter are finalised, if you have purchased a LinkedIn profile this will be delivered to you within 7 business days post reciept of your LinkedIn questionnaire.

I generally say to allow 2 weeks to complete a full re-write of your resume and cover letter. Allow 3 weeks if we are also writing your LinkedIn profile. This allows enough time to strategise, complete the questionnaire, write, and edit.

No, all client engagement is via phone and email.

For any minor changes such as personal details, qualifications, certificates etc you will be able to add/change these without my help. But for major additions, such as adding a new position I do offer the option to purchase resume updates for resumes I’ve already written.

No! A heavy reliance on sample templates and verbiage from someone else’s resume is a common mistake for job seekers. You’ll end up with a C+ or B- resume at best and you want at A+.

What that means is your resume can get stuck in the screening process and never make it to a live person if you use this approach. I work with you to create a resume that convinces the reader you are interview worthy, not simply leverage of someone else’s experience and achievements.

Yes, I have experience with hundreds of positions, across many industries within Australia, U.S, UK, Europe and Asia.

So far, there isn’t a position I haven’t been able to write for. What I’ve learned is that having someone not from your industry write your document tends to work in your favour. Most people include far too much technical language that makes it difficult for HR and recruiters to understand. I include relevant language but in a way that is easy for anyone to read and interpret.

Of course! I encourage you to edit your resume and cover letter for each position you apply for. I deliver the final versions in an editable Microsoft Word document.

Because of the digital nature of the work involved, the professional writing packages do not come with a refund option.

Have more questions? Get in touch!

No more excuses for missing out on the power of a great personal brand

Let’s get you properly set up and ready to go on the best job search ever.

Let me help you get it done. 

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