How A Oil & Gas Professional Went From ZERO Interviews To A Highly Sought After Position

Peter Young

These days I'm not really about OPO...


Yes, other people’s opinions!

How many people like your resume ISN’T the most important thing about your job search.

What is important?

→ How you’re engaging with your ideal employer through your resume.

I’ve been known to harp on about this and for good reason. Just ask Peter Young.

Peter, is a maintenance specialist within the Oil & Gas industry. 

We had a chat back in October of 2016 and he dove head-first in my On To Success package.

He wanted a new job and he was tired of searching, getting ZERO interviews.

I told him he needed to focus on targeting his ideal role.

We both won.

As a result of Peter’s efforts (Ok, maybe a bit of help from me too), he secured a role on the coveted Inpex Ichthys project.

It was a highly sought after position WORLD-WIDE!

‘picks jaw up off the floor’.

Here's how things unfolded

1. He got real about what he wanted

The first step in any journey is choosing where you want to go. That rings true for a job search, too.

Before you can build a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, you gotta figure out what you want your position to be.

Pete’s first step was to decide what job he wanted and with whom.

To do that, he turned to his competition. That is, he turned to the LinkedIn accounts of fellow maintenance professionals to see what they were up to.  


2. He drilled down on advertised vacancies

Job ads are one of the most poorly read pieces of content, in my humble opinion.

People generally spray and pray. They briefly look at an ad, hit the ‘apply’ button and hope for the best.

But finding the right type of job ad is essential to getting interviews (if you aren’t leveraging your network).

The key is applying to the right vacancies. The ones that are relevant to your skills, knowledge and experience. This is the sweet spot. Once you’ve got a good selection of advertisements you can build solid marketing tools and amplify your job search.

How did Peter figure out the best advertisements for his job search? He stopped skim reading and absorbed what the employer was actually asking for

I also helped confirm the jobs were inline with his skills as well.


3. He made sure his resume reflected his goals

When we’re using a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile for our job search, we can all be guilty of becoming too focused on “me me me.” 

We’re consumed with what tasks we did, courses we completed and the length of our documents.

But if we don’t stop to think about the employers we are targeting and position we want, we’re missing out on a big opportunity for success.

So, his resume took a fresh approach and started speaking to his future employer.


4. He offered up value

Everyone has a resume. Most people have a cover letter and 600+ million people have LinkedIn.

That’s a lot of people begging for an employers attention. It’s one thing to have these tools, but they need to be good to cut through. Especially if you want interviews. 

Pete’s answer? Offer value.

His marketing tools were designed to get to the point quickly and demonstrate his value.

His result, ok you know but I'll tell you anyway

Peter Young
Peter Young@peteryoung
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I just wanted to let you know, I have been successful in my application to Inpex on their Ichthys HUC project. This was a very sought after position worldwide and I believe my success in this instance is due to the quality of my application. So, I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding work you completed in regard to my new resume and cover letter.
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