Stop googling "job search" techniques

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Get all your job search questions answered, unlimited in a members-only group.

So you don’t chase meaningless jobs or risk burnout from churning out applications that fall flat…. 

I. got. you.

Here's You...

You’re spending too much time and energy on figuring out how to land your next role.

You’ve hit up the internet for tips, solicited advice from colleagues, or tried to go your own way using techniques that worked in 2009.
But it’s not working. Is it.
If you’re not lacking the self-confidence to get started, you might be the type of professional who has sent application, after application and got nothing to show for it.
You feel disempowered yet want to start kicking goals and getting somewhere. 😎

Also You...

You are tired of the conflicting advice you get and want someone to cut through the B.S.

You want advice quickly without having to book an appointment or buy expensive coaching packages.

Meritude Membership

Well buttercup, I’m here to help.



Simplified support and training with the Job Search Success Club. It’s a place where you can get the help you need, when you need it with the support of an expert you can trust.

It’s not a place where you have to spend x hours a month watching countless videos for techniques you’ll never use or paying for classes you can’t attend.

I’m Lisa Mahar and I’ve been writing and coaching since 2015, here at Meritude.

My guidance has consistently generated interviews and accelerated job search efforts without complications.

I’ve been featured in prominent publications, am linked with industry-leading associations and am a certified supplier for Career Money Life.

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Professional Development
Meritude Coaching Membership

… Think of this service like

having a coach in your pocket.

A place you can consult as much as you need for only $49/Month!


You want help with:

  • Job search strategy & implementation
  • Networking strategy
  • Document creation (resume, cover letter, selection criteria, Linkedin etc)

It’s also for you if you need support with:

  • Interview preparation
  • Salary negotiation
  • Time-saving job search tips
  • Application & interview follow up
  • Accountability, pep talks, mindset adjustment
  • And more…
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This is NOT for you to get help with…

career guidance to identify a career. It’s also not for you if you don’t know what you want to do or you have too many career options on the table. 

You Need A Career Counsellor Instead.


Only $49/month and you can cancel anytime

Let me help you kickstart your job search today!

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Have Questions?

Pretty close to INSTANTLY! Once you finish the checkout process, you’ll soon receive an email with all the access information you need to log into your very own private portal where I’ll be waiting for you.

In my experience, there is an initial learning curve as you set or reset your strategy, get your documents updated and a few applications done. After that, it really depends on how many roles you apply for each week or month. Some clients require daily support because they are running a full-time job search, others are only applying for a few high-quality roles and need support as questions come up.

It all depends on how well your applications reach your target employers and market demand for the type of role you want. Most professionals who need my help are getting less than 10% success rate on gaining interviews and 0% for offers. Once we’ve worked through the initial job search phases that typically changes to 50%+.

I have 1:1 individual coaching sessions that can identify this as a root cause. Importantly, we can then determine if ongoing coaching is appropriate or if the role you are hoping to land requires you to obtain more skills, qualifications or experience first before embarking on a job search.

I am very upfront that every job seeker should be using Microsoft Word for their job search documents as it’s universally accepted by employers and applicant tracking systems. If you don’t have it already, Microsoft has a monthly plan you can access while you’re job searching.

Outside of that, I recommend tools that I personally use and that will make your job search easier, but I will ALWAYS provide you with detailed walk-through videos along with support as needed.

Most of the tools I recommend are free or budget-friendly, but I’ll do my best to provide you with as many DIY options as possible.

No worries at all. There’s no rule that says you apply for positions each day. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to landing a new role. Show up as little or as often as you’d like for positions you’re truly invested in.

A dedicated online space to access your support, along with any specific tools and resources relevant to your job search.

As for how much support you can get, the answer is as much as you can handle! You’ll get your questions answered within 24 hours and feedback on your specific job search strategy/documents within 24 hours (next business day if the weekend).

The question is – will you take advantage of it?!

Yes… as long as you’re prepared to put in the work. I won’t be writing your documents. You’ll have all the support and tools you need to create them with personalised feedback on them once they are created.

It’s helpful to know what type of role you want to go after, but it’s not necessary to be super exact because you’ll refine as you work through your job search strategy with me.

No! You can cancel your membership at anytime. You’ll have access to the membership until the date of your next payment. After that time, you’ll lose access to the membership area (including any training programs and bonus content) and personalised support from me.

You can come back at any time.🙌

You always have the option of having me (or another credentialled writer) write your documents while gaining ongoing job search support through the membership. Click here to see my writing services.

Have more questions? Get in touch!

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