This One Question Is Derailing Your Job Search


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I’ve had many a client tell me that after they’ve had their new resume crafted they showed it to a batch of contacts and asked: “what do you think of my resume?”.

Generally, these people have included:

  • A friend/family member or colleague
  • Current or previous manager
  • Mentor
  • Networking connection
  • Human Resources professional
  • Recruiters

Usually, the response is well received and positive. After all, when you invest in professionally written documents you expect results.

But not everyone will give you a glowing response. I have had occasions where clients have shown off their shiny resume only to have received negative feedback with some even attacking the document in a bid to “help you”.

If you’ve had this happen you know how quickly it can rock your self-confidence. All of a sudden, you go from being proud to doubting yourself and your investment. You’ve opened yourself up to criticism from people who are may only be partially (at best), qualified to critique how your resume lines you up for your next career move.

Next minute, you’re on the phone to your writer demanding a re-write because your previous manager has told you that having a photo on your resume and writing in the first person is essential to getting your next job.

The problem is, when someone with any type of authority insists they know what they are talking about, you have no idea who to believe.

Instead of asking everyone in your professional circle “what they think of your resume”, the best thing you can do is ask a certified, experienced resume writer or job search coach.

Ask several if you like. Although you will get some contradictory advice (each writer/coach has a different experience), there should be many similarities. Using this tactic will dramatically increase your chances of getting an independent professional point of view and help clarify what your resume truly needs in order for you to achieve your job search goals.

Critical feedback is important. You may LOVE your resume and so do 50 other people, but a single negative opinion can have you doubting everything.

3 Tips For A Successful Job Search

Whether you’ve had your resume professional written or not here are my 3 things ALL professionals need to be successful in their job search:

  • A target profession
  • A great resume and cover letter that supports your target profession
  • Modern job search strategies

I’ve never seen a job seeker benefit from chasing others opinions of their resume. Doing so derails and detracts you from your goal. If you are unsure about whether your document/s (professionally written or not) are suitable for your job search goals, then seek the advice of a Certified Professional Resume Writer or Job Search Coach.

Hope this article has given you some insight to help you with your job search.

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